Moon Phases Long Scarf | Silky Scarf Wraps

    • Product ID: K-LS02

      Complete the look
      The finishing touch, the perfect gift, a timeless piece.

      Wear it as a scarf, headwrap, bandeau or belt.

      Fluid and beautiful, and instant elegance. An artsy way to dress up any outfit in your choice of 3 fabrics and 2 lengths.
      Model is wearing the 16" x 72" length in Poly Chiffon.


    • Every scarf is printed and sewn by hand in Montreal, Canada.

      Satin Charmeuse
      100% polyester satin weave fabric
      ✦ Shiny on one side and matte on the back.
      ✦ Very soft feel and lovely drape. Mimics satin.
      ✦ Crisp print.  Colours are a little more muted due to the sheen.
      ✦ Print is visible about 50% on other side.
      ✦ 95g/m2

      Matte Crepe
      100% polyester fancy weave fabric
      ✦ Smooth surface with low lustre.
      ✦ Very soft feel and lovely drape. Mimics silk.
      ✦ Crisp print and amazing colour reproduction.
      ✦ Print is visible about 55% on other side.
      ✦ 80g/m2

      Poly Chiffon
      100% polyester light weight plain weave fabric
      ✦ No running of colours. Crisp print lines and colour separation.
      ✦ Light weight and sheer with a lovely moderate sheen.
      ✦ Print is visible about 70% on other side.
      ✦ 110g/m2

      Print vibrance, opacity, and visibility on the reverse side will vary, depending on the fabric you choose.


    • To see examples of the fabrics, please visit Our Fabrics

    • 100% polyester
      ✦ Hand wash in cold water, do not agitate, do not bleach.
      ✦ Lay flat to dry. 
      ✦ May shrink after first wash.
      ✦ Print may fade 5-10% after the first wash
      ✦ Iron on synthetic setting (if desired).
      ✦ If your scarf feels stiff after washing, mist it with water and tumble dry on low for 5-10 mins.