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Everyone has a story...


Model ✦ Photographer ✦ Social Media Co-ordinator

I’m Dominique, you know me as a photographer and model for KALMAKOVA Fashion Boutique. But for those of you dearios who are a bit curious and wish to know more, “come with us and you will see”…

I am a pianist, criminologist, school art teacher, cinephile and bookworm, dreamer, creator, plants[wo]man, foodie (especially where pastries are concerned), the daughter of an artist and an educator by profession - both of them the warrior poets that shaped every bit of me, bossy though caring sister and crazy but cool aunt.

More than anything, I love stories, whether they are retelling historical occurrences or moments of nostalgia, musical compositions or fictional tales. To name only a few, I’m the fantasy fanatic/geek that will make daily references to Jim Henson’s “Labyrinth” & “The Dark Crystal”. I will add a touch of LOTR everywhere I can - from having a penchant for elvish attire to woodland settings, to appreciating food and “things that grow” as would a hobbit and I may or may not whisper “my preciousss” to cups of hot cocoa. I will sing along to roughly any Disney tune, though my favourite music genre is movie OSTs - in fact I was listening to soft piano covers of John William’s “Imperial March” whilst writing this short autobio. Through and through, I’m the “[girl] who wouldn’t grow up” and will always try to find “the best place by the fire” for a good tale as well as the manier occasions to play dress-up! 

All of which are key in why I am continually enthralled and inspired by KALMAKOVA. Endless possibilities, not just in that the designs and pieces are indeed versatile, but of places they’ll take you, stories they’ll make you think of, and adventures you’ll wear them on in return. 

Looking forward to every chapter 😉