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Elixir Mask

  • Product ID: K-FM10

    Face coverings, whether we like it or not will be part of our daily wardrobe for the time being. Since that's the case, we developed our masks to be something that we would feel comfortable wearing daily.

    Safety first. We began by making sure that our masks followed all of the regulations and recommendations of the CDC and Canadian government.
    Including: being made from natural fabric, with multiple layers, having a filter pocket, and fitting your face properly.

    Safety... check!

    But safety alone is not enough. A mask also needs to be comfortable enough that you are not adjusting it every few minutes, and it needs to be stylish so that you don't dread wearing it. We chose a slim and tailored design in a silky soft natural fabric, and a printed filter pocket lining, just to add that little extra touch of style. To ensure a proper fit, we offer our masks in a variety of sizes, embed a stainless steel nose piece between the layers of fabric, and use soft fabric elastic straps to keep the mask comfortably in place.

    Comfort and style... check! check! check! check! check!

    We figure, if we need to wear non-medical masks more and more in our daily lives they not only have to meet all safety recommendation and stand up to use, but they also have to make you feel comfortable, safe and maybe even put a smile on your face. 

    Need filters? 
    We've got you covered for those too.  Just add a 2 pack to your order.

    Made from our soft and satiny 200 thread count 100% Cotton Sateen
    Available in 3 youth and 4 adult sizes to suit a variety of face shapes
    Printed internal pocket to accommodate a filter of your choice
    Stainless steel adjustable nose piece and adjustable soft fabric elastic straps
    Printed with permanent reactive inks that won’t washout or fade away

    It’s important to have realistic expectations of cloth face coverings. Please refer to the resources below from government and health organizations to understand the implication of wearing and not wearing cloth face coverings.

    World Health Organization
    Government of Canada

    An important note about shipping:
    At this time, safety is our number one priority. Orders may take a little longer than our usual 1-2 week turn-around to make, as we are taking all precautions to ensure a safe working environment. Work areas are regularly cleaned and sanitized and we work in full PPE, closely following all CNESST recommendations to preserve health in the workplace. We have reduced our production so that we could space out equipment and areas so everyone can work in their own space with proper distancing. 

    Keep in mind too that Canada Post and USPS are also having delays due to such an increase in demand of their services.

    We promise to do everything in our power to get your order to you as safely and as quickly as possible. Please have patience and understanding during this time. 🖤

    Please contact us anytime at for any questions or concerns.

  • Sizes
    Available in 4 adult and 3 youth sizes! 

    It's very important to NEVER put a face covering on a child under 2 years of age, or anyone who cannot remove it themselves.

    Sizes are based off of the measurement of the width of your face from ear to ear (touching the tip of your nose).

    * Please refer to the "How To Measure Your Mask" instructions to ensure a proper fit. Since face structures vary so much from person to person and there is no indication as to face size from clothing size, please make sure to measure before you order.

    Fit with face coverings is EVERYTHING! A mask is only effective if it conforms to your face shape. How do you create a mask that fits well? An important part is the nose piece. Our noses prevent fabric coverings from lying flat against the middle of our face. To encourage the fabric to conform better to these peaks and valleys, a metal piece needs to be part of the design. KALMAKOVA face covers feature a stainless steel nose piece with a slight curve to follow the curve of the nose. We attach the metal piece with rivets so it is fully washable and will never shift. The metal piece is found between the 2 layers of fabric for maximum comfort.

    What else did we do to get a good fit? We cut our fabric for face coverings on the bias. The bias of a fabric is 45 degrees across the fabric. When you cut pattern pieces on the bias, you give the fabric a special type of stretch. When you receive your mask, you'll see that the weave looks more like X's instead of crosses. We do this so that the fabric can fit better on your face since the extra bit of stretch created by cutting on the bias allows for better draping on the contours of your face. Our face coverings really are all about the details and we thought through the design every step of the way.

  • Almost all organizations suggest natural, woven (non-stretch) fabrics for face coverings, so we have created a Cotton Sateen to meet those standards. At 100% staple cotton fibers, 200 thread count, and a tight weave, Cotton Sateen is suited for face coverings and also feels comfy to wear! It has a slight surface sheen and withstands washing beautifully. It weights 170 gsm. Our face coverings are double layered and yet still easy to breath through.

    Cotton Sateen
    100% cotton, 200 thread count

    Machine wash in hot water on regular cycle, do not bleach.
     Air or machine dry thoroughly.
     Wash after every use.

  • PM2.5 filters filter out particles that are as small as 2.5 microns. Virus particles are even smaller than 2.5 microns. However by including a filter in your mask, whether it is a PM2.5 filter or another filter, you are adding extra layers of protection to your cloth face covering. Each of the PM2.5 filters are made of 5 layers of cloth, including two layers of melt-blown cloth and one layer of activated carbon cloth to provide excellent filtration. Typically used to prevent the inhalation of air pollution particulates, PM2.5 can help increase effectiveness of non-medical face coverings.

     PM2.5 filters are not equivalent to N95 masks. N95 masks capture 95% of airborne particles larger than 0.3 microns. PM2.5 filters capture particles matter larger than 2.5 microns.

    PM2.5 filters can be used continuously for 16-24 hours, or for 1-2 weeks when used occasionally.

    Available in packages of 2.