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Emerald Woods Tote

  • Think handbag but bigger
    Bring everything but be sleek about it with our chic tote. Vegan leather straps make it a comfortable shoulder bag or school bag. Lined with pockets and being so stylish, it can easily become you favourite oversized handbag. Made with washable polyester canvas that withstands everyday use while looking great, so it's the perfect carry-all market bag, yoga bag or beach bag.


    "It holds my everything"




    • ✦ Printed on both sides.
      ✦ Long enough to fit most laptops.
      ✦ Lined with navy cotton sateen fabric.
      ✦ 3 different sized inner slip pockets and 1 zippered welt pocket. 
      ✦ Clips closed with a brass magnetic closure to keep everything locked in (professional hardware).
      ✦ Black or brown vegan leather straps.
      ✦ Washable.

    • ✦ 16" tall x 13" wide x 3" deep

    • 100% Polyester Canvas (outer shell), 100% Cotton Sateen (lining), Vegan Leather (straps), Brass (magnetic closure)

      ✦ Handwash in cold water, do not bleach.
      ✦ Hang to dry.