Crow IX Loose Fit Tank Top (Regular Length) | Casual Tops For Women

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  • Product ID: K-LFTR01

    From nest to out-on-the-town
    2 words: Peachskin Jersey. This top is SO super soft and breathable, you’ll want to be in it for EVERYTHING. Luckily, you can. From work to yoga to last-minute plans to Netflix. This relaxed fit sleeveless top is perfect for a burst of art under a blazer or paired with your fave leggings on the weekend. Dress it up or down in seconds and easily transform from day to night. It’s easy to wash, quick to dry, it won’t pill, and matches with everything.

    ... did we mention how soft it is?!!


    • ✦ Super soft jersey fabric feels great to wear and snuggle.
      ✦ No-sweat breathable fabric
      ✦ Available in two lengths
      ✦ Double-sided print
      ✦ Lightweight, packable, wrinkle-resistant, easy wash and quick dry, making it a great option for the traveller.
      ✦ Withstands washing and wears very well without pilling.
      ✦ Printed and sewn by hand in Montreal, Canada

    • Available in:
      ✦ Regular Length (21.5”- 22.5”) or Longer Length (24” - 25”)
      Lengths will fall within these ranges, depending on the size you choose. Model is wearing the Longer Length.

      Regular is perfect for pairing with skirts and long isn't super long, it's just nice for those that like that little bit of extra length. Long is great too for those with a fuller chest, who usually battle the front riding up at the bottom.

      Not sure about the size? This is a relaxed fit top, so the cut is on the generous side of the measurement chart. Some prefer to go a size smaller in the Loose Fit Tank Top from what they wear in the Fitted Tanks.

      Please choose the correct size by referring to the Size Guide. If you are still unsure about how the item fits or any other sizing questions you may have, please contact us before you order. We want to get you in the size that's perfect for you!

    • Peachskin Jersey

      92% polyester, 8% jersey knit spandex

      ✦ Machine wash cold water, do not bleach.
      ✦ Quick-dry fabric. No need to put it in the dryer. Hang to dry or machine tumble dry on low or medium. 
      ✦ May shrink after first wash.
      ✦ Iron on synthetic setting. (if desired)
      ✦ Fabric will NOT pill after repeated wear or washing.